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Full-time studies

Friday 20.11.2009

First and second level full-time studies

These curricula are both technical and natural in character.

Their profile includes education in the following disciplines:

  • Basic subjects: chemistry, physics, mathematics, information technology, statistics, engineering drawing, biochemistry
  • Specific, cross-cutting profiles which relate closely to food processing technology, including: foodstuff chemistry, foodstuff quality analysis and assessment, foodstuff and technical microbiology, general food processing technology, specific food processing technology, theory of machines and engineering for food processing industry, human nutrition, including toxicology, economics, organisation and management of manufacturing processes, fundamentals of accountancy, product design, food law, foodstuff marketing

The first-level (engineering) studies 3,5-yeat studies – after which the student has a possibility of 1,5-year supplementary studies with a choice from the following specialities:

  • biotechnology, microbiology and food evaluation
  • food engineering and process management
  • fod technology

Within the specialties, each student has a possibility of choosing one diploma specialty:

  • food biotechnology and microbiology
  • milk biotechnology
  • food quality evaluation
  • food engineering
  • process management
  • meat technology
  • fruit and vegetable technology
  • fats & oils and food concentrates technology
  • cereal technology

Facultative nature of studies enables students to develop their individual interests.

The studies prepare graduates in the following major fields:

  • processing, preservation and storage of foodstuffs of plant and animal origin,
  • food biotechnology,
  • foodstuff quality assessment,
  • engineering and organisation of food manufacturing process,
  • company economics and marketing in food processing industry.

During their studies the students attend interesting practical study courses in Poland and abroad, and have an opportunity to elaborate on the interesting diploma thesis.

Graduates from the Faculty of Food Sciences may be employed further in:

  • enterprises of various sectors of food processing industry,
  • research institutes and laboratories active in testing and marketing of foodstuffs,
  • domestic and international trading companies,
  • design bureaus and vocational education establishments,
  • research and development institutions,
  • consulting companies.

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