Division of Food Quality Evaluation


Head of the Division: Dr hab. Rafał Wołosiak

Tel. (022) 59 37 672
Fax. (022) 84 78 698
e-mail: zojz@sggw.pl



Offer for practise

  • Quality assessment of selected food products in respect of criteria included in food law of the European Union.
  • Foodstuff analysis with application of instrumental separation methods and spectroscopic methods.
    • Determination of chemical contaminants in food (e.g. PAH, PCBs, acrylamide, furan, chloropropanols).
    • Determination of biologically active components (polyphenols, vitamins, carotenoids, glucosinolates, sterols, stanols, tokoferols and other).
    • Determination of anti-oxidants in food (natural and synthetic anti-oxidants).
    • Determination of additives in food (sweetening substances, conservation agents).
    • Determination of volatile compounds and fragrance profiles.
    • Determination of fatty acids composition (trans isomers, n-3 and n-6 acids, CLA and other).