Division of Cereal Technology


Head of the Division: dr hab. Alicja Ceglińska, prof. SGGW

Tel. (0 22) 59 37 540
Fax. (0 22) 59 37 539
e-mail: alicja_ceglinska@sggw.pl



Offer for practise

  • Consultancy in the field of cereal-milling and bakery industry technologies and the methods for testing the quality of cereal raw materials and products
  • Development of recipes of new cereal products
  • Physical and chemical analyses of cereal raw materials and their products
    • Determination of physical properties of cereal grains (1000-grain weight, bulk density, kernel size, kernel uniformity, glassiness, hardness, colour)
    • Determination of chemical composition of cereal raw materials and products (total protein contents, starch contents, fat contents, ash contents, hull contents)
    • Assessment of gluten quantity and quality pursuant to Gluten Index
    • Assessment of amylolytic enzyme activity by Hagberg Perten method
    • Laboratory milling (Bühler, Quadrumat Senior, Junior mills)
    • Assessment of rheological features of dough with application of Brabender farinograph, Brabender extensograph, Chopin alveograph
    • Assessment of dough fermentation properties with application of SJA fermentograph
    • Test laboratory baking and the quality assessment of produced bread (TA.XTi texture analyser)


  • Technological value evaluation of various cereal types (wheat, triticale, and rye)
  • The effects of various agrotechnical treatments on technological value of wheat
  • Use of non-bread cereals in bakery and confectionery
  • The effects of natural additives on the quality of bakery and confectionery products
  • Application of postponed method to modify bakery production
  • The effects of packaging on the shelf life and quality of bakery products