Division of Fats & Oils and Food Concentrates Technology


Head of the Division: Prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Krygier

Tel: (0 22) 59 37 525 (26)
Fax: (0 22) 59 37 527



Offer for practise

  • Testing and development of recipes for edible fats, consumption concentrates and special food, including consultancy in this field.
  • Determination of oxidative stability of fats (Rancimat)
  • Determination of the contents of dyes, anisidine number by spectrophotometric method
  • Determination of fat contents (Soxhlet, Soxtec) and fat chemical quality (LK, LOO)
  • Soya preparations (determination of protein contents, water and fat fixation ability, testing the emulgation, foam-forming and gelation properties)
  • Determination of polyphenol and katechin contents in tea, testing anti-oxidant activity of tea
  • Testing the stability of drink emulsions
  • Determination of polar compounds (chromatographic columns) and smoke point of frying fats


  • Characteristics of oils  – virgin and refined type
  • Oil autoxidation and its reduction methods
  • Characteristics of frying, cake and confectionery fats
  • Manufacturing and characteristics of special food (vegetarian, functional, etc.)
  • Characteristics and application of hydrocolloids in food manufacturing