Division of Fruit and Vegetable Technology


Head of the Division: dr hab. Marta Mitek, prof. SGGW

Tel. (0 22) 59 37 520
Fax. (0 22) 59 37 544
e-mail: ztow@sggw.pl



Offer for practise

  • Consultancy in the field of fruit and vegetable raw material processing technology and methods of testing the quality of food products and additives applied in fruit and vegetable sector.
  • Physical and chemical analyses of fruit and vegetables and their products.
  • Determination of colour, turbidity, viscosity, density, water activity.
  • Determination of pH, extract contents, total acidity, volatile acidity.
  • Determination of the contents of dry substance mass, ash, ash alkalinity, water insoluble substances, sand.
  • Determination of gelation capacity and estrification rate of pectin preparations.
  • Determination of the contents of directly reducing saccharides and the total amount of chlorides, SO2, ethyl alcohol, starch
  • Determination of the total dye contents (antocyans, carotenoids, chlorophylls, betacyanins), total polyphenols, activity of polyphenol oxidise, contents of vitamin C, anti-oxidant capacity (DPPH, ABTS) by spectrophotometric method
  • Determination of the contents of antocyans, carotenoids, phenol acids, L-ascorbinic acids, hydroxymethylfurfural and saccharides by chromatographic method


  • Testing of antioxidant properties of raw materials and fruit and vegetable products (juices, drinks, jams).
  • Characteristics of chemical composition and technological usefulness of new species and varieties of fruit and vegetables: high-bush and wild low-bush, blueberries, Asiatic pear, winter squash, sea buckthorn and dogwood.
  • Factors influencing the stability of anthocyanins in fruit and vegetable products.
  • An influence of technological factors and storage conditions on the quality of juice concentrates
  • Use of natural plant extracts to enrich fruit products