Division of Meat Technology


Head of the Division: dr inż. Krzysztof Dasiewicz

Tel. (0 22) 59 37 532
Fax. (0 22) 59 37 531
e-mail: ztm@sggw.pl



Offer for practise

  • Consultancy in the field of technology of meat processing industry and methods of product quality testing.
  • Development of meat product technologies.
  • Technical and technological assessment of meat processing plants.
  • Physical and chemical analyses of meat from big animals, poultry and meat products [including determination of the contents of water, proteins, fat, ash, collagen, table salt, nitrites and nitrates, hem dyes, measuring texture parameters (the Zwick strength-determination machine) and colour (Minolta CM 2600d), and properties (pH, water absorbability, free leakage, in-substance water retention capacity, apparent viscosity, thermal leakage), sensoric analysis.


  • The pre-slaughter factors influencing quality of pork, beef and poultry meat.
  • Hot-boned meat and its processing
  • Processing of red and poultry meat.
  • Use of alternative meat raw materials in processing.
  • Use of PSE (pale, soft, exudetive) in processing.
  • Technology of dry sausages.
  • Technology of low-fat cooked sausages.
  • Technology of functional and consumer-friendly meat products.
  • An influence of selected ingredients (such as transglutaminase, carrageenan, phosphates, plant proteins, modified starch, collagene colorants) on the quality of meat batters and final products
  • An influence of technology factors on meat curing process and the colour of meat products.
  • Application of high pressure technique in meat processing.
  • Application of objective colour measuring method for meat quality assessment.
  • Application of computer image analysis for assessment of meat quality red and poultry.
  • Testing consumer preferences for meat and meat products.

The Department cooperates with other scientific and research centres (Faculty of Animal Sciences of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Centre of High-Pressure Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and Institute of Meat and Fat Processing Industries), as well as with the relevant meat and poultry processing plants.