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Tuesday 8.12.2009

Department of Food Engineering and Proces Management organizes the following didactic courses:

  • Technical drawing with the elements of theory of machines
  • Theory of machines in food processing industry
  • Process engineering
  • Ecology, energy and environmental protection management
  • Physical properties of food
  • Inspection and control of biotechnology processes
  • Modern plastic packaging for food products
  • Modern technologies in food processing industry
  • Product design
  • Rheological methods in food testing
  • Membrane processes in food processing technology
  • Application of computers in food processing technology
  • Foodstuff marketing
  • Water as a component of food
  • Optimisation of production processes
  • Fundamentals of operation of machinery and equipment in food processing industry
  • Fundamentals of production organisation
  • Management of manufacturing processes
  • Dehydration industry
  • Textural properties of food products

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