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Tuesday 8.12.2009

Laboratories at Department of Food Engineering and Proces Management

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Supervisors:  dr inż. Hanna Kowalska, dr inż. Agata Marzec, lic. Mariusz Wojnowski

Panoramic view

Technological offer:

  • development of fruit and vegetable drying technologies in order to maintain and improve their quality and usefulness as consumer products (convective, microwave- convective, and radiator drying methods).
  • development of technologies of drying liquid raw materials to achieve their dry powder form.
  • drying of solutions or emulsions, e.g. juice on carbohydrate carrier.
  • microcapsulation method by spray-drying, e.g. enzymes, dyes, aromatic substances, lipid substances.
  • powder agglomeration, drying /granulation/ moistening/coating loose substances on fluid bed; application for loose materials in a form of: fine powder, granules, pellets, tablets or crystalline substances.
  • mixing of powder raw materials. Preparation of powder and granulate mixtures, also with liquid additives e.g. spreading of liquids (dyes, aromatics, and flavours) on a solid carrier in loose form; preparation of spice mixtures, nutrients and concentrates following any recipe.
  • cryo-concentration of fruit juices in a temperature below 0oC.
  • freezing – checking of the surface and intra material freezing processes.
  • saturation coupled with osmotic dehydration – application to produce low-processed foodstuffs, preserving features of fresh fruit and vegetables enriched with additional nutrient substances to supplement diet poor in these components.
  • membrane processes – carrying out ultra- and nano-filtration with the use of variable surface ceramic membranes.


Supervisors: dr inż. Dorota Nowak, specialist Krzysztof Królikowski

Panoramic view

Technological offer:

  • freezing in a low (-70oC) temperature
  • intensive cooling under controlled time-regime to reach required temperature
  • shock freezing under temperature range between -20 and -40oC
  • freeze-drying with an efficiency of 16 kg evaporated water per 24 h; monitoring and registration of the process parameters
  • freeze-drying at different process parameters
  • freeze-drying under variable conditions of initial freezing
  • production of biomass or metabolic products by microorganisms in bio-fermentors

Analitical offer:

  • testing of temperature distribution in materials during freezing process
  • testing of temperature distribution in materials during lyophilisation
  • BZT5 determination
  • continuous determination of change in oxygenation rate during biotechnology process
  • continuous determination of change in pH during biotechnology process
  • determination of freezing point in solutions having osmolarity up-to 1000 mOsm
  • spectrophotometric measurements
  • continuous conductometric and pH measurements with registration of the results


Supervisors: dr inż. Ewa Jakubczyk, specjalista Krzysztof Królikowski

Panoramic view

Analitical offer:

  • badania tekstury żywności
  • pomiar właściwości mechanicznych i reologicznych produktów spożywczych
  • ocena kruchości i chrupkości żywności za pomocą emisji akustycznej


Supervisors: dr inż. Ewa Gondek, mgr Wanda Pomarańska-Łazuka

Analitical offer:

  • measuring of water activity
  • analysing of sorption properties (static-exsiccation method, dynamic method)


Supervisors: dr inż. Agnieszka Ciurzyńska, mgr Wanda Pomarańska-Łazuka

Technological offer:

  • osmotic dehydration of fruit and vegetables
  • coating of foodstuffs

Analitical offer:

  • dry basis content deretmination
  • wyznaczanie współczynników dyfuzji


Supervisors: dr inż. Ewa Domian, specjalista Krzysztof Królikowski

Analitical offer:

  • measuring of powders bulk density
  • measuring of real density of powder materials, granulates, foams and solids
  • qualitative measurements of the liquidity rate of powdered raw materials
  • measuring of flow function, internal friction angle and cohesion of powdered raw materials


Supervisors: dr inż. Monika Janowicz, specjalista Krzysztof Królikowski

Analitical offer:

  • testing of food internal structure
  • computer analysis of food image

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