The Faculty of Food Sciences (formerly the Faculty of Food Technology and the Faculty of Agricultural Food Technology) was founded in October of 1961, although the studies within the filed of agricultural and food industry have a much longer history related with SGGW. Since the beginning of its functioning, the subject “agricultural industry” was realized by the Agricultural Faculty at the Department and Division of Microbiology and Agricultural Industry. In the period between the World Wars, there were about 120 students that specialized in this particular domain.

First graduations took place in 1925 and first pioneers in food industry left the university.

The Division, headed by Wacław Dąbrowski, conducted technological studies, giving a suitable training to following groups of scientific workers in the filed of technology, chemistry and food microbiology (the first PhD degree being awarded in 1934). The division is proud to have among its students such highly acknowledged scientists as Prof. dr hab. Eugeniusz Pijanowski, widely appreciated in the filed of science and pedagogy, founder of food science in Poland and the first Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Technology, established in the academic year of 1961/1962.

During over 50 years of its functioning the Faculty has been many times reorganized in terms of its units owing to its current scientific and didactic needs. The year of 1977 was particularly important for the Faculty, when the Institute of Human Nutrition that had been an organizational unit of the Faculty was incorporate to the structure of a newly founded Faculty of Human Nutrition and Agricultural Household.

The academic year 2001/2002, the first in the new millennium, was inaugurated in the beautiful conference hall of the scientific and didactic faculty building named after co-founder of the Faculty Professor Eugeniusz Pijanowski.

During its almost 50 years history, the Faculty educated almost 5500 graduates, with over 4500 people acquiring a master’s degree and almost 1500 with a degree of engineer. The Faculty Board awarded almost 300 degrees of PhD and 86 degrees of dr hab. in the filed of technical and agricultural sciences within food technology and human nutrition.

As of 20 December 2007, Rector of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) by Regulation No. 44/2007 changed the name of the Faculty of Food Technology to the Faculty of Food Sciences. The new name has been in force since 1 January 2008.